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Avalon Bliss Massage

The ultimate relaxation massage, having two professional therapists working in sync to give you the best massage experience. If 2 hands are good imagine 4 hands. Avalon's Bliss will give you double the relaxation and tension relief during your session.

Signature Massage

Otherwise known as our customized massage is assessed by you, the client, to bring total relaxation and tension relief

Swethai Massage

SweThai Massage combines the yoga-like movements of Thai massage with the muscle relaxing strokes found in traditional Swedish massage.SweThai sessions take place on a traditional massage table and utilize the oils and creams used in Swedish massage. Benefits:

  • shorten muscle strain recovery time by ridding tissue of metabolic waste
  • increases circulation
  • keeps ligaments and tendons stretched and pliable
  • simultaneously stimulates and sooths the skin and nervous system
  • reduces physical and emotional stress
  • increased flexibility
  • increased energy level

Esalen Massage

known for its ultimate relaxing and healing touch this massage has long strokes throughout the body.

Neck, Back, Shoulders

This treatment uses Swedish massage techniques concentrated on the upper back, neck, and shoulder areas. Benfits:

  • relieves tension
  • reduces pain
  • increases circulation
  • removes toxins

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is an age-old remedy and health practice. It is found in all major civilizations past and present. From the ancient Greek gymnasia and Roman baths to modern day spas and health clubs, massage has been recognized for its health enhancing effects. The healing systems of many cultures, including our own, use hands-on therapy to soothe aches and pains and facilitate the body’s own healing powers.

From infancy to old age, massage has been found to enhance general health and well-being. Therapeutic massage has many applications and variations. Because it is used for health promotion as well as for its curative aspect, it can truthfully be said “if you have a body, you can benefit from therapeutic massage.”

Therapeutic massage combines the benefits of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to bring your body and mind into a healthy balance.

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy massage gives your therapist an opportunity to customize your experience using various scented oils based on your mental, physical, and spiritual needs; whether you're in need of relaxing, balancing, energizing or just wanting to surround yourself with pleasant aromas. Benefits:

  • deep relaxation
  • reduces stress
  • increases circulation

Romantic Couples Massage

Our Romantic Swedish Couple's Massage is two people having a massage at the same time in the same room with two different therapists in the most relaxing enviroment with scented candles and soft music. Share this relaxing massage with your partner/spouse or come in with your girlfriends or have a mother and daughter spa day.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage utilizes passive stretching and range of motion to sooth the body. Energy flow is freed by releasing stress and tension and balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit is restored during the session. Lomi Lomi massage strokes are fluid and work with the body’s natural flow. Benefits:

  • greater range of motion
  • release of stress
  • reduction of pain
  • increased circulation
  • removal of toxins

Colonic Hydrotherapy

An unclean colon can be a breeding ground for diseases and infections, but also gross stuff, too. Take out the trash with this Groupon. A technician gently massages your abdomen as a cleansing system irrigates your colon with warm, purified water, offering relief from conditions such as gas, headaches, constipation. The steady flow of water loosens and flushes out unwanted or impacted matter, leaving the colon free of toxic buildup.

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